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Heat Pumps

Ductless Mini Split 

With out doubt these are highly efficient heating systems, but more than any other heating or cooling system they are totally dependent on how clean the coil fins are!!!


Heat Pumps are now listed by Efficiency Maine as one of the best investments for your home. If you don't regularly clean the indoor and outdoor coils you are wasting the money you have invested. But don't over clean, not all units need yearly cleaning, some can go two or three years.

Everyone should clean the Pre-Filters biweekly or monthly depending on how much dust, dirt, hair or fur is collecting on the fins. Please consider one thing, if you can see the dirt, there is much more hidden dirt you can't see.

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Kerosene Heating



Kerosene heating is a very economical way to heat open spaces like camps and large living rooms with attached kitchen/dinning areas, the fuel savings are far bettor than most people realize.


These heaters are no longer manufactured, unfortunately parts are getting rarer, but they have not totally disappeared yet!!


Small, compact and very efficient. These heaters are similar in size to the Monitor and Toyotomi Laser all 3 have a direct venting (vented to the outside through the wall) system. They heat up to 2000 square feet of space very nicely.


We Service Generac, Honeywell and Siemens Stand-By Generators and transfer switches, so you know when the Storm hits your generator will start first time!

(Sorry we do not service or repair portable generators)

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