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 Save Energy with some simple cost effective adjustments. Lower your thermostat just 3 degrees and begin to save, when you are comfortable with this lower temperature be bold and lower it another 2 degrees, bring it up a degree at a time till you can feel comfortable and still save energy.

Now when your budget allows swap these thermostats to "7 day programmable models", they can be set to lower the temperature that extra few degrees when you are not home and automatically return it to the comfort level you prefer just before you get home. Once you have the programmable thermostats installed only set the new away temperature to a maximum of 4 degrees below the new room setting otherwise you will waste energy trying to return to the comfort level you like.

Stand-By Generators use a lot of fuel, so if you think it may take a day or two before your supplier gets back to you and your propane is getting low then go to your breaker panel and shut off every circuit that you don't need. Try turning off one of the kitchen circuits, one or more bathroom circuits, one or more bedroom circuits and maybe the garage till you need them back again. Take a few minutes to test which circuits you don't need and place a Red Sharpe mark next to each breaker or use a sticker to mark them. This way anyone can do this task fast and with confidence. Your generator uses approximately 35 - 40% less fuel when running at 50% load, try to not open the refrigerator unless you must, this has two advantages, one is it saves electricity but if you reduce the number of times the compressor starts it saves a whole lot more. 

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