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We recommend a Bi-Annual clean of your heat pump coils.
You spent hard earned money upgrading to a highly efficient Ductless Heat Pump system, you did this to save energy, to heat and cool one or more areas around your property and ultimately over the long term, save money!
Cleaning the filters every 2 to 4 weeks is important for proper operation, a coil clean will be needed every one or two years depending on the collection of dust and other dirt or pet hair.
When you clean your filters, wash them under warm water with dish washing liquid, then using a cloth or paper towel pat them dry before refitting them into the heat pump.
 When should you clean each coil? We recommend a minimum of every two years or inspect them yourself by turning the indoor unit off and shining a bright light onto the fan blade edge, if it's looking gray or dirty (See Our Photo Gallery) then you can be certain the coil needs cleaning. 
Be your own best judge of how often the coil needs cleaning!!!

For a proper clean the cost is 
$150.00 for the outdoor coil and as the indoor unit fan motor and blade are removed, any wall hung indoor units will be $145.00 each.
For 1 - 4 way Cassette units and Picture frame units require more time to dismantle properly and will cost  $185.00 each.

Don't forget your Kerosene heater
Don't wait till  fall to get your Monitor or Toyostove kerosene heater serviced, we'll pick up anywhere in York County and complete the service in our workshop. All heaters are tested prior to returning to your home or business.

  • Heat Pump Coil Cleaning

  • Toyostove & Monitor Kerosene Heater Service

  • Toyostove Kerosene Heater installation

  • Propane Heater installation and service

  • Home stand-by Generator yearly service

Honeywell has contracted Generac to supply a special product to fit their market. We use genuine Generac parts for both brands of generators.

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